The Clinic – A game about flow

Gonçalo Valverde & Nuno Pereira

Let’s play together and experiment what flow is and how we can improve it by aplying kanban principles to an health clinic

How to understand flow and how to improve is one of the cornerstones in any team improvement. Nevertheless the concept of flow is not always easy to grasp and to visualise. Even more, a lot of times is not easy to explain to team members that are totally overflowed or to managers that typically think that resources (still don’t think of people) should be 100% used!

While using a game simulation of a real life example (a medical clinic) this workshop introduces the participants to several of the flow concepts, challenges and benefits of its implementation!

Gonçalo and Nuno have experienced the benefits of flow as it increases enjoyment and creativity in your working day-to-day, therefore we would love to share those benefits with you. In this workshop we will explore together the current realities and how to introduce improvements in the “The Clinic”.

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Holisticon, echte Business-Agilität
Gonçalo Valverde & Nuno Pereira Vortragsart: Workshop Level: Beginner