Advancing Project Organizations with Kanban


Summary of experience and learning of several project organizations who have ingrained Kanban in their project management processes and achieved substantial improvements of business outcome & culture.

Project organizations who have been using predictive management methods struggle with meeting project deadlines, coping with uncertainty, changes to priorities and customer requirements. Many of them have piloted Agile approaches but find them too bureaucratic or rigid to scale up to organization level.
For the last 8 years I have been coaching project organizations on how to ingrain Kanban practices and values in their project management routines. All of them admit they would never go back to previous habits.
This talk is going to summarize the experience and learning outcomes of these companies. The lessons come from different domains: industry, financial services, insurance. They are applicable in practically any context

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Kanbanize the World
Speaker: Teodora Bozheva Vortragsart: Vortrag/Lecture Level: Beginner